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Learn what separates the 6 figure hamsters from the 7 figure system ninjas. The training will begin by helping you simplify your $2K-$20K offer & business model selling whatever knowledge, talent or skillset (coaching/consulting/service) that you already have, then we will dive into how to build a Premium Brand that positions you as THE go-to person for a particular problem to be solved, acquire high ticket clients 24/7 using the online machine, as well as how to create a leveraged delivery system so you can physically scale up to 7 figures.
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Apply below so & we’ll personally reach out so that we can provide you with the clarity you've been looking for. We’ll walk through all the steps on how to successfully implement all of the necessary systems & core processes (including the accountability & guidance that is specific to YOU) that will physically enable you to have as many sales closed a day as you like. At the end of this, you will have the proper online funnel (money-making machine) running 24/7 so that you can have high ticket sales closed every single day. If we both seem like a great match to work together then we can certainly have that conversation! (Remember, the people who drop their "ego" and ask for help not only achieve success the fastest but become successful, PERIOD.)

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"In the past 2 months since working with Ken we have already generated $72,000 and are on track for $120,000, working with our dream clients, for our next inner circle.”
– Alexander Keith & James Hodges, Next-Level Coaches

"If you want to look the best, you gotta act the best & you gotta hire the best. Ken is that person. If you get a chance to surround yourself with this guy I highly reccomend you do just that."
– Greg Reid, Named Top 10 Speaker by Forbes, Best-Selling Author & Filmmaker

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"Ken is one of the ONLY legit ‘gurus’ out there that actually knows what the hell he is talking about. I’ve been working with him for quite some time and the amount of growth that both my business and myself have experienced has been truly remarkable. I can ACTUALLY attribute over $100K in revenue from what Ken has been able to do for me. And the funny thing is, he has now become a client of mine because of how dialed in my offer is and how structured my process is. You need to have a conversation with Ken if you are someone looking to quickly get to the next level.”
– Riccardo Roiati, Fitness Coach | The King of Peak Performance

"I have worked with Ken & his amazing team for a while now... Everything they have done has brought an immediate ROI to both of my companies."
– Christine McDannell, 7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur

"The 45 minutes with that I spent with Ken for FREE was worth more than the $10K I paid someone else."
– Joe Gaspard, Peak Performance Coach


"I knew that in order to attract the high caliber clients that I like to work with I had to have a premium brand. After Ken created my new branding strategy, I am now able to get top clients as a speaker."
– Clinton Young, International Keynote Speaker

“Ken is truly a one of a kind (both as a businessman & as a human being). The amount of growth that my business has experienced from his 1-on-1 mentorship has been absolutely remarkable, for I now am a private chef who has numerous 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs / professionals as clients. I seriously have so much gratitude for what Ken has done for me and highly recommend him at the highest level to ANYONE. Thanks for everything Ken, you rock brother!”
Josh Roelofs, Private Chef for 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs


"The BEST content that I have ever seen in my entire life. Choose Gravel to Castle and start building your own castle." 
– Riccardo Gismondi, Influencer w/  Almost 1 Million Followers


"What is really important is how someone feels when they interact with your brand. Ken has been able to really make sure that I step up so that I can be the leader in my industry which I feel I am on my path to do!"

– Samantha Skelly, Forbes Featured Speaker, Founder of Hungry for Happiness

"He knows where I want to go and how to get me there in terms of elevating my brand to the next level and being able to charge that premium price that I've always wanted to. Working with Ken has gotten me there." 
– Christian Chasmer, 7-Figure Systems

"This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. It lays out the exact process for getting high paying clients. I highly recommend Ken Conklin." 
– Landon Wetterstrom, Social Media Influencer

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"He brings so much value to you. If you're someone who wants to charge high-ticket for what you do, I cannot think of someone better than Ken & his team. What they know is branding, high-end premium branding. Please make sure you get in touch with Ken & his team, you will be very happy you did."

– Steve Heroux, Speaker & Sales Trainer

"All I have to say is work with Mr. Ken Conklin. I've already recommended Ken to a number of different people and I'm going to continue to in the future. Get started with him, he'll set you up for success."

– Austin Netzley6 Months to 6 Figures

"Working with Ken has been LEGENDARY. He really is someone who can help your business grow and what he's done for me has been short of a miracle... And I'm not saying all of this to flatter you either Ken, it's really been amazing! I highly recommend Ken for anyone looking to go to the next level. 

– Rafaella Desantis, Project Management Expert


“Now I can charge more for what I do simply because people see me as a pro, they don't see me as some amateur. If you want to be legit in your space, provide the impact and get more clients, hire Ken. Stop waiting, go make more money."

– Chase BoehringerThe Bucketlist Lifestyle


“I just finished up with a call with Ken... Holly sh*t. It’s crazy what can happen when you decide to take just a few minutes of your time to actually educate yourself on what currently does and doesn’t work instead of just aimlessly trying new things that are only going to end up wasting time and money."

– Jayson "Jay" Johnson, Real Estate Agent

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