Not afraid to hold anything back, Ken Conklin is an engaging, thought-provoking business practitioner rooted in the notion of positioning your business, building your brand, and marketing it in the current digital landscape. Ken will not only entertain and engage your audience, he will also leave them with practical strategies that they can immediately implement into their lives and businesses.


Want Ken to speak or deliver a keynote at your event, business or school?

Ken’s most common speaking topics are:

  • How To Build A Premium Brand By Leveraging Content & Social Media
  • The Power of Premium Branding (How To Develop, Launch, Monetize and Scale Your Premium Brand)
  • How To Strategically Position Your Business To Charge Premium Prices

Don’t see a topic you need for your audience?

Ken will create a custom presentation for your audience. Schedule a speaking inquiry now so that we can address your needs and serve you better.


“Most speakers motivate their audiences with powerful stories and tell them that they can do anything, but they miss the ball on giving them legit information that will actually benefit them in the long-run.. They recycle the same fluff that has been heard thousands of times already.. That's why I'm here to change the game. I give my audiences the necessary tools, strategies and resources so that they can see positive transformation in both their life and business right then and there.”

~ Ken Conklin, Founder of Gravel to Castle