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We want to help you implement our “proven Growth Framework” so that you can become our next success story

(This’ll be your secret weapon for going from barely covering your overhead to absolutely crushing it in the next 30 days)

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What is our company, Gravel to Castle accelerator?

Originated here in beautiful Santa Barbara, recognized by Forbes, and with clients in over 20 different industries, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses skyrocket their sales through a very specific marketing framework that we help them implement. Our founder, Ken Conklin, became the Director of Marketing of a well-known property management company here in SB at a young age, and now regularly gets invited to speak at live events and conferences to share various strategies for business success.

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Our framework is responsible for many thriving businesses:

Knowing how to turn a total stranger into a lifelong buyer who constantly ascends to greater levels of commitment (buys more expensive stuff of yours) is crucial for building a sustainable and profitable business. If you don’t know how much you typically pay to acquire a customer / client, or how much a customer / client is typically worth to you, then you NEED to chat with us as soon as possible…

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we are really good at what we do, and we want to support you!

(entrepreneurs & businesses in 20+ industries come to us for our expertise)

Not only will you have a consistent and predictable way to acquire new clients / customers, we’ll also help you dial in the backend systems in your business so that you can scale. Check out some of the success stories that we create on a daily basis:


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