Riccardo Roiati, Fitness Coach


Clinton Young,
Internation Speaker


Christine McDannell,
Serial Entrepreneur


Steve Heroux,
Next Level Sales Coaching


Samantha Skelly, CEO of Hungry for Happiness

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Chase Boehringer,
The Bucketlist Lifestyle


Austin Netzley,
6 Months to 6 Figures


Dan Schwartz, CEO of Investorfuse


Attendees of the 2018 Business Intensive Workshop

Christian Chasmer, 
Co-Founder of
7 Figure Systems

Eco Chateau, Highest Rated Wellness Spa in San Diego

"Gravel to Castle's talent and work ethic is something that is truly admired and appreciated. The transformation of our Instagram since working with them has paid off tremendously, for they not only have perfectly expressed the personality and tone of our brand, it was also the ultimate leverage for our last event. The turn-out was much bigger than expected and we know that it would not nearly have been as big if it weren't for the work that this company had done for us.

Plus, it is nice to trust a company with their content creation and direction without having to hold their hand. They've been amazing at running the entire creative process and leveling up our overall brand, all while communicating through images, videos, and words, the mission of Eco Chateau to help our guests with their health and wellness journey.

We personally recommend this company to any business."


Riccardo Gismondi, Italian Influencer


"I finally got sick and tired of being what you'd call a 'starving artist' so I decided to allow myself to level up. I invested in the consultation call and my only wish is that had done it much sooner. As it turns out, my story is a lot like Ken's where I wasn't getting compensated the amount that I knew I deserved. It's taken too much blood, sweat and tears to build the following that I now have for myself to simply just 'get by' and have to continue working a day job just to finance my passion. I wanted to actually build the business side of being a social media influencer so that I could make a solid income from all of this. I am happy to say that since the call with Ken just two months ago, I have now finalized two really big brand deals and am receiving invitations for modeling gigs almost every few days. My following has literally doubled in this crazy short amount of time and I have finally been able to take the leap into making this as my full-time career. I regret not chatting with Ken way earlier but hey, at least I'm finally here! Thanks Ken, I can't wait for the continued success for us both."

– Connor Morton, Model & Social Media Influencer


Rafaella Desantis, Project Management Expert


"I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ken at a mastermind group in Hollywood Hills, CA. His outgoing personality made me feel welcome from the second I arrived. I've never met such a motivated, hard-working man! His knowledge and skill set was off the charts, paying keen attention to every detail of his work from early morning to late nights! I loved his passion / enthusiasm and left with some incredible shots and video clips of myself at work along with every other member of the mastermind. I had the opportunity to pick Ken's brain and juggle some ideas I was facing with my business and he fired off some perspective-changing strategies left and right. I would definitely recommend Ken with both visual and position branding. It was a pleasure to have had the experience working with Ken and I look forward to our future business endeavors! Thanks for everything Ken!"

Angelo Napoli, Owner of Mediterranean Catering

"I decided to take the jump and invest in a consultation call with the CEO of Gravel to Castle (Ken Conklin), boy was that a value-packed session! Not only did he give me tactical & legit strategies that I can immediately implement into my business, he ended up chatting with me for an entire extra hour and answered literally every question I had. The second Ken started to talk to me I knew that I was on the phone with someone that knew his sh*t. The branding & marketing expertise that I feel I now have from just consulting with Ken for those two hours have placed me in a position of being ready to take on the top dogs. I'm now currently working on putting together a new campaign that I am completely confident will make this upcoming year even bigger than my last. If you keep thinking to yourself 'it costs too much' then your business is going to stay small. Forget that, I'm ready to blow my business up. Gravel to Castle is 100% worth the investment."

Johannes Beck, Founder of Melon Board Electric Skateboards

“I just finished up with a consultation call with Ken. It’s crazy what can happen when you decide to take just an hour of your time to actually educate yourself on what currently does and doesn’t work instead of just aimlessly trying new things that are only going to end up wasting time and money. As a business owner, I know just how important it is to market your business. If you aren’t constantly putting yourself out in front of the people that you want to help and make your next clients then how in the world are you going to grow your business? But not only that, what are you going to do that will make you stand out from your competition? To make you THE go to person in your industry, so that you can truly be seen as the expert? There are about 30K realtors in my city, meaning that I have A LOT of competition. Ken not only gave me clarity on how I can position myself to attract those higher paying clients by showcasing the true value that my business offers, but also came up with a new campaign that I am going to be executing over the next few weeks to really create a lot of attention around my name. Thanks Ken for taking the time to chat with me, I’m excited for you to see my growth over the next few months. If you haven’t worked with Ken yet, what are you doing? Unless business is already booming, it’s time to have a chat with the guy that is known to transform businesses. Go get your success!”

– Jayson "Jay" Johnson, Real Estate Agent

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"Ken is incredible, at ALL of it! Love his work, he is so easy to work with, he makes things fun, and he under promises, over delivers. We had no idea that we would do photoshoots AND videos. We've been working with him for months so that he can manage all of the content and we have such a blast! Thanks so much Ken, you rock, we highly recommend you to everybody!

– Luxe Car Collective, On-Demand Luxury Car Rental Company


"I had the privilege of working with Ken in Los Angeles, CA this month! Ken's work ethic, talent and personality were shining through! His ability to work around us without interrupting our mastermind while capturing the beauty of Hollywood Hills was spot on! As a result, we ended up with some amazing photo/video content! I highly recommend Ken to anyone who is looking for a professional photographer/videographer to take their brand to the next level!"

Tatiana Davis, CEO of ValueDrivenSuccess.com


"Gravel to Castle is a media powerhouse. Whether it's video, social, or lifestyle photography, they will quickly get the job done with a keen eye and great taste."

– Investorfuse, Lead Management Software for Real Estate Investors


“Very surprised at how quickly these guys work. They truly value your time as a business owner and knew just exactly what it was that I was wanting for the launch of my new business. I'm excited to work with Ken & his team on bigger projects very soon."

– Jeff Tuttle, Owner of The Window Company

“Working with Gravel to Castle has been such an incredible experience so far. Picking their brain on all things marketing and branding really opens your eyes to the digital world that we now live in. The traditional days to grow your business are over, it's time to partner up with this business and set yourself up for success."

– Sharp Gentlemen Co., Men's Fashion Brand