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Who is Ken COnklin, & what does Gravel to Castle accelerator do?

Recognized by Forbes and with clients in over 20 different industries, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses skyrocket their sales through a 7-step marketing framework that turns their “hustle” into a 24/7 selling machine. Our founder, Ken Conklin, regularly gets invited to speak at live events and conferences to share various strategies for business success.

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We want ambitious and creative individuals interested in content creation, marketing, sales, brand positioning, and overall business to support us in our vision for setting the tone for the next generation. We’re looking to equip our team with the incredible knowledge that we’ve spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire so that we can leave a true impact on the world.


There’s a reason why entrepreneurs in 20+ industries choose to learn from us

we know how to turn an “idea” into a scalable selling machine that consistently creates happy customers

(Our students & clients can’t learn this in college or from some “fake online entrepreneur” who’s never actually run a business)

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Whether you are / want to be in business for yourself down the road, or you’d like to be part of our company because you love what it is that we are doing, we guarantee that you’ll gain some incredible experience and knowledge that can truly create something amazing in the world. Below is feedback that our customers give us on a daily basis!


We are doing some incredible things for entrepreneurs & small businesses in the world. Request more info above SO THAT YOU CAN BE PART OF WHAT WE ARE BUILDING 👆🏼

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