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"In the past 2 months since working with Ken, we have already generated $72,000 and are on track for $120,000, working with our dream clients, for our next inner circle.”
– Alexander Keith & James Hodges, Next-Level Coaches


"I went from working a personal training job that paid me only $20/hr to now having clients who pay me $2K-$7K for my high end programs."
– Riccardo Roiati, Fitness Coach


"I have worked with Ken & his amazing team for a while now... Everything they have done has brought an immediate ROI to both of my companies."
– Christine McDannell, 7-Figure Serial Entrepreneur


"I knew that in order to attract the high caliber clients that I like to work with I had to have a premium brand. After Ken created my new branding strategy, I am now able to get top clients as a speaker."
– Clinton Young, International Keynote Speaker

"He knows where I want to go and how to get me there in terms of elevating my brand to the next level and being able to charge that premium price that I've always wanted to. Working with Ken has gotten me there." 
– Christian Chasmer, 7 Figure Systems


"I finally got sick and tired of being a 'starving artist' so I decided to allow myself to level up. I wanted to actually build the business side of being a social media influencer. I have now finalized two really big brand deals, am receiving invitations for modeling gigs almost every few days, my following has literally doubled, and I have finally been able to take the leap into making this my full-time career."

– Connor Morton, Model & Social Media Influencer


"All I have to say is work with Mr. Ken Conklin. I've already recommended Ken to a number of different people and I'm going to continue to in the future. Get started with him, he'll set you up for success."

– Austin Netzley6 Months to 6 Figures

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“I just finished up with a call with Ken... Holly sh*t. It’s crazy what can happen when you decide to take just a few minutes of your time to actually educate yourself on what currently does and doesn’t work instead of just aimlessly trying new things that are only going to end up wasting time and money."

– Jayson "Jay" Johnson, Real Estate Agent



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