Riccardo Roiati


Riccardo Roiati, fitness coach and certified personal trainer, came to us when he finally decided that he wanted to take action on his idea. He had a vision to get paid greatly to help men achieve their life goals through the methods of fitness and changing their mindset, but he had no idea how to bring it all to life. He needed to not only put together a game plan for how he would position himself to charge more, he also had no idea how to attract his desired clientele (business owners). Riccardo needed clarity on how to break through the noise and mass influx of the numerous online personal trainers in the world and position himself as a premium authority for the high achieving man. We partnered up with him to build a healthy, powerful, and confident premium brand that communicated high-end value and attracted high paying clients with ease. He now has a clientele that pay him greatly for his services, and the best part is that he only has to work with a few individuals at a time to reach his financial goals of 6-figures/year. Visit his website here.

RESULTS of our partnership

7X return on investment

8 high-end monthly clients 

When we began working with Riccardo, he was all over the place about what his business truly offered to the world. His messaging was straight up confusing, he wasn't attracting the clients that he knew he could truly help the most, he had a horrible online presence, and worst of all: he was not getting paid what he knew he was truly worth.


No one really saw the value that he could offer to them, therefore he had a lot of trouble selling his core offering: personal training sessions at $20/hour.

Fast forward to now and you will see an entirely different man, one that is dominating his very specific niche in the personal training industry of only helping business owners (the people that can afford him, rather that the previous college students). His high-end programs are currently priced between $2k-$7k, his following on social media surpasses 20K raving fans, and he is no longer having to scrape by with trading his valuable time for just a few bucks. 

Instead of competing with all of the other personal trainers by offering similar services, we created a premium brand for Riccardo that effortlessly communicates his high value and easily attracts high-end clients.


Riccardo surpassed his 2016 revenue in less than four months.

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