Eco Chateau is a full wellness spa in San Diego that offers infrared sauna sessions, heavenly massages, colonics, juice cleanses, organic skin care and more. Both their beautiful locations have been called “Hidden gems in San Diego” and are known for their down-to-earth, caring, and amazing staff (and let’s not forget the cool penny floor). They invite you to come and achieve optimal Health + Wellness at either their Mission Valley or Sorrento Valley location.

Their problem: They were paying someone to do their social media but they weren't seeing the results that they were looking for. They wanted to attract new business, increase revenue and see the true personality of the brand being expressed online.

Results of our partnership

2X expected amount of attendees at latest event 

290% increase in social media followers

New hires with social media as first touch point

Their Story

Serving greater SAN DIEGO

Eco Chateau seeks to provide a restive respite from a busy and active world. Providing traditional services and innovative treatments in a luxurious spa setting. Utilizing sustainable business practices in pursuit of premier services.


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Their Goal

Reaching potential customers

Eco Chateau quickly realized the value of connecting with its customers in San Diego and having authentic conversations. Through Facebook & Instagram, we have helped them:

  • Reach consumers in San Diego more efficiently & cost effectively than they could with traditional media

  • Grow their audience of people who wanted to stay updated on the spa’s unique content and offerings

  • Build awareness and business for their locations, products and services

“Gravel to Castle’s talent and work ethic is something that is truly admired and appreciated. The transformation of our Instagram since working with them has paid off tremendously, for they not only have perfectly expressed the personality and tone of our brand, it was also the ultimate leverage for our last event. The turn-out was much bigger than expected and we know that it would not nearly have been as big if it weren’t for the work that this company had done for us.

Plus, it is nice to trust a company with their content creation and direction without having to hold their hand. They’ve been amazing at running the entire creative process and leveling up our overall brand, all while communicating through images, videos, and words, the mission of Eco Chateau to help our guests with their health and wellness journey.

We personally recommend this company to any business.”

-Christine McDannell, Owner of Eco Chateau

Our Solution

A comprehensive strategy

Gravel to Castle has an always-on media strategy on Facebook & Instagram aimed at acquiring fans, using ads in all placements targeted at those most likely to be existing or potential customers. The ads feature relaxing images and concise copy with a strong call to action. We target people representing Eco Chateau's core demographics within a 15-mile radius of the Mission Valley & Sorrento Valley locations.


Leveraging Instagram for an insane event turnout 

How we doubled the amount expected attendees to show

We leveraged the power of Instagram and some of their most popular users (influencers) to make their latest event an absolute success. We reached out to numerous influencers to promote the event to their audience and it ended up bringing more people than we expected, which then led to many new memberships for the spa.


We helped them go From this:


To this:



Watch the full case study here: