Campus 880 is an innovative student community where the luxurious surroundings are only a backdrop for the enthusiastic residents on fire with their remarkable visions for the world. This property strongly believes that in the advanced connection economy of our near future, the friendships you nurture today will become the collaborative partnerships of tomorrow.

Results of our partnership

12,925% increase in social media following

20% to 84% occupancy in 3 months

in 2016, We teamed up with Campus 880 Student Housing to completely re-brand their property

 Campus 880 wanted to completely flip their property around and create a brand-new presence. They wanted to transition into being known as a luxurious apartment complex with a high-standard academic environment. They wanted to attract tenants that were as passionate about school & their aspirations as they were about having fun & being social.

Our objective was to collide fun and excellence in a creative way that would attract new students to live at their property.


When we took a look at their website, we noticed a very big problem: IT WASN'T MOBILE OPTIMIZED!

This was a HUGE problem for the property. 100% of Campus 880's target market are young millennials, which means that their customer base is always on their phones. Links to their pages were completely broken, pictures were cut off from the screen, information was very outdated, and the overall website didn't showcase the quality that Campus 880 wanted to be known for. As soon as we saw this issue, we began brainstorming how we wanted to go about the re-branding of their website.



One of the things that we wanted to keep in mind was the fact that Campus 880 was still striving to be known for what they had originally been striving to be known for: as an incubator of a new student community. They wanted to create a like-minded community of individuals that were focused on their remarkable visions for the world. They strongly believed that in the advanced connection economy of our near future, the friendships that you nurture today will become the collaborative partners of tomorrow. 


With this in mind, we brainstormed how we could create new excitement for the rebrand of the property while still sticking to the origins that the business was originally founded upon. 







Over the duration of just a few months, we built an online presence for Campus 880 that absolutely skyrocketed from the ground up. We reverse engineered what college students were currently doing on social media and found a way to creatively give them what they wanted to see while sticking to 880's focus of their new brand. 

We were able to build Campus 880's social media following, on Instagram alone, from just above one hundred followers to nearing ten thousand followers, all that actively engaged in the content that we put out for them.  


Because of us working together, they now have a repeatable process that attracts new residents to their property.