Beach City is an off-campus student community that is just footsteps away from Santa Barbara City College and the beach. This luxury apartment complex allows students to affordably enjoy their college experience inside of a stylish, positive, and empowering surrounding. Beach City had recently had a change in management and not only wanted to rebrand their business for a fresh start, they were looking to attract the students that were traveling from all over the world to come live at this amazing property. Unfortunately, their online presence was causing them to be overlooked by the college students, causing them to miss out on signing new leases. They needed to not only showcase the amazing lifestyle that the student would have when living there, but also convince the parents that this was a safe and academic-based environment. We teamed up with Beach City to completely market their business (both online and offline) and took them from absolutely no online presence to becoming known world-wide.

The Results of Our Partnership:

Occupancy to over 97%   

7,669% increase in social media following