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“they’re creating an army of game-changers…”


What is our mission?

To create a bond of like-minded men, regardless of their background, who all come together to transform financially, physically, and mentally so that they can serve the world and leave behind a true legacy.


Brother, it’s time you transform your:


A backstory on our creation: Ken Conklin’s story

Age 18: the fire was ignited

Ken was kicked out of the house he grew up in after his stepmother convinced his father that “Ken was a problem” (yet she would soon after leave Ken’s father for his father’s best friend). Ken was soon after heart-broken from both a close loss & ruined relationship, barely had a dollar to his name, had dropped out of college before he attended his first class because he couldn’t afford it, and had absolutely no sense of pride or happiness in his life. Ken experience “rock-bottom” early on, which opened his eyes to how “shitty” life could be...

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Age 19: the heroic journey began

Ken decided to move to California and go all in on his passion for photography, which then *somehow soon after led to him becoming the Director of Marketing of a multi-million dollar company. While experiencing the corporate world and building up his resume was great at first, Ken one day randomly decided to embark on his journey of entrepreneurship by booking a one-way ticket to Hawaii and starting a marketing business.


Age 20: the sacrifice and dedication

Ken built up his marketing company, Gravel to Castle Accelerator, and dedicated every second to acquiring and serving clients. He learned what it meant to focus and stick to something no matter how difficult the task at hand was.


Age 21: The rise of influence and power

Ken’s business took off, and being the young and ambitious male that he was, he wanted to enjoy some of the fruits of his labor. He signed a lease to live in a $10M four-story mansion in Hollywood Hills next to some of the most famous Youtubers in the world. He also began sharing his strategies on how he built his business so fast by speaking at various events and conferences.


Word about Ken’s story spread online. He got featured on Forbes, the cover of a magazine, the same book as Richard Branson, and many publications online. While he temporarily felt that his life was on the right track, he soon realized that the only area he had truly been focusing on was his finances. Literally every other major aspect of his life completely fell down the drain: his relationships, his health, his personal happiness, and his legacy. He had no true fulfillment in his life…

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Age 22: The awakening of the brotherhood

Ken eventually realized what he and literally all other men truly want out of life, which led to the creation of something that is very dear to his heart. He created The Gravel to Castle Brotherhood so that he could create a bond of like-minded men, regardless of their background, who all come together to transform financially, physically, and mentally so that they can serve the world and leave behind a true legacy.

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the “accelerator” half of Gravel to castle has taught some of the most powerful business strategies to people just like you…

(meaning, you’ll be around some insanely smart & successful individuals)

As part of The Gravel to Castle Brotherhood, we’ll help you massively level up your career/business so that you can truly take full control of your life. Check out some of the success stories that we create on a daily basis:


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this a cult? - No… Ken Conklin originally founded (and still operates) a marketing company under the name “Gravel to Castle Accelerator” which quickly became wildly successful. However, he lacked fulfillment and wanted to create something from the heart that bought men together to create a true bond and a sense of family.

  • Is this some sort of scam? - No… The sole purpose of this is to bring men together who want to discover and live their true purpose, take full control of their lives, and transform into the great men they know they could somehow become if they had the right environment and support around them.

  • Do I need to be in a certain financial bracket to be accepted? No. We welcome any man to apply to be accepted. We are looking for supportive, determined, and openminded individuals who aren’t worried about where they’ve been, but rather are focused on where they are heading. Your current financial status will not be a factor in your approval for the joining of our brotherhood, for we are focused on your future financial status.

  • Is this like a fraternity? No. By definition, you could say a “fraternity” and “brotherhood” sound similar in the sense that both are “a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose or interest,” however we aren’t a group of college students (although men 18+ are free to apply to join). We are men who believe in bettering ourselves in all areas of live, and we celebrate the growth we experience in our lives and the success we achieve from hard work towards our goals.

  • Should I join? It depends. Are you a cancerous, selfish, and negative man? If so, this isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you are a positive, warm-hearted, and giving man who knows his worth and wants to support his fellow brothers in their journeys of transformation then we’d love to meet you!

(feel free to message @thekenconklin with any questions you may have)

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