Establishing a premium brand certainly is not an easy walk in the park, but doing so can dramatically transform your business by changing the way that the world sees & feels about you (and the way that you see & feel about yourself, most importantly). 


Premium branding is all about setting the tone for your worth and showcasing the true value that you bring to the world. It is deciding that you will become sought out because of your perceived superior quality or value.




The foundation to premium brand building is premium brand positioning— & this occurs when there’s a strong and relevant difference in the product or service. Our clients who’ve been able to command a premium price have each had unique stories to tell that helped customers not only become aware of their offerings, but become “strategically aware” of precisely what it was that made our clients’ products or services so different….and as a result, desirable. 


Why would you want to build a premium brand? Because premium pricing usually translates into higher profit margins, as additional costs for product enhancements are more than covered by the price premium. 


Here are 3 major keys to building a premium brand:


1) A PREMIUM BRAND REQUIRES PREMIUM CONTENT: Audiences want imagery that is visually stunning and that provokes an emotion. We live in a visual world and what we see is what can make us decide immediately if we like a brand or not. Take advantage of that.


2) RAISE YOUR PRICES: Premium branding = premium pricing. A premium brand demands a premium price because of superior attributes (design, functionality, service) that one can justify rationally. Charge what you are really worth and people will treat you what you are worth.


3) TELL A KILLER STORY: This ties back into the first principle. Use provoking images & videos that tells a visual story & takes them on a journey. Tell them something that they will remember.


There you have it! Those are only three small components of building a premium brand, but executing on those will take your business to great heights (if done correctly). Let us know how implementing these principles into your brand go by emailing us at contact@graveltocastle.com

-The Gravel to Castle Team