How to Create Phenomenal Content for Your Social Media

People often ask us "How do you all create such quality content?" when they see our social media. We always tell them that creating content just comes natural to us, but that hasn't necessarily always been the case. Just like with anything, we all start at the bottom at some point.


Everyone at Gravel to Castle had to start from the beginning. When some of us go through our very first photoshoots from way back we tend to cringe quite a bit. There has been a tremendous amount of growth in all of our "talent" or "skillset" in just that past few years and we want to share with you some of the keys to creating content that we now use today. It isn't as simple as just picking up a camera and pressing the shutter-release button to get a phenomenal shot but it isn't rocket science either.

Here are three of our key factors that we use to help us create phenomenal content for social media:

  • Document, Rather Than Create

Instead of trying to plan out all of your content, try to simply capture what is all going on. Whenever we do a shoot with someone that has never modeled for a camera before, they tend to get really nervous & awkward. They really don't know what to do and the photos will always reflect just that. Instead of doing what doesn't feel natural, get loose and just do what you normally do. If you or the model are not a very serious person, don't make it a serious photo. Smile, laugh, dance, do whatever it is that you normally do and simply just capture that moment. We tend to get the best shots when we have music playing and there is a big smile of the person's face.

  • Your Equipment Really Doesn't Matter

It does and it doesn't. Let us explain... Many photographers & videographers spend thousands of dollars on getting these huge lenses, buy the latest cameras, and have all of this crazy equipment when the end result is going to look the absolute same as using a somewhat basic DSLR. Yes, having certain equipment allows you to do certain things that you maybe would not be able to do with your current set-up. For example: when we want to shoot a slow motion video, we need to be shooting in at least 60 fps (frames per second) in 1080p, and you can't do that with most entry level cameras (they often only have 720p at 60 fps). Or, if we were to shoot a track race around dusk where we needed to have a solid low-light capability camera that could easily snap multiple shots every second, we would need a solid camera like the 5D Mark III. But, for creating content to post on social media, we are often times able to use a phone camera (such as the amazing iPhone 7 Plus). Whether its taking a picture of a product or capturing a lifestyle in-the-moment shot of someone at an apartment complex, you just need to get the initial shot. Don't worry about what set up you don't have, a true sprinter wearing no shoes can easily beat a beginner with the latest Nike Make-Me-Fasters (not an actual shoe model).

  • Edit Your Photos With Professional Software

One thing we definitely recommend is using professional-level software like Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos, or Premiere Pro to edit your videos. The initial shot is what is most important, but having top-of-the-line software to edit with is the icing on the cake. We can take a normal photo from "Alright" to "Oh my! What camera do you use?" with a simple 5-min Lightroom edit process. We are not going to go into how to use those programs because that is what Youtube is for, but just know that using the best software will do some wonders for you.

Creating content comes natural to us because it is what we absolutely love to do, but it doesn't mean that we don't have any sort of process to do our magic. Try out these three techniques/tips and watch your content go from bad to bad-ass in no time.

If you need any help with your content creation or have any questions you would like us to answer, feel free to email us at

We look forward to seeing your future social media content!

-The Gravel to Castle Team