We are a team of outside-of-the-box thinkers, artists, marketers, and premium branding experts that all have a passion for continuous growth and breaking past barriers.



As a premium branding company that's dedicated to helping entrepreneurs showcase their true worth and attract high paying clients, it is our obligation to really nail all of the various touchpoints of your brand. The way we go about this is we craft your message in a way that communicates high-end value, we strategically position you as an authority figure in your industry, we create your entire brand identity (website, social media, digital content, etc.), then we launch your brand and create a systematic funnel that consistently and predictably attracts high end clients and get them booked on the phone, ready for you to close the deal. 


Ranging from solo-entrepreneurs and startups to multi-million dollar companies in over 20 different industries, we've most likely worked with someone that has built the business that you dream of building. Our blueprint works for practically any industry, although we love working with personality brands the most (coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, authors, etc.).

We believe that growth is achieved when one has a clear strategy on how they will separate themselves in their industry and they execute it. That is where we come in.


MEET the founder, ken conklin

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Hey there! I'm the founder of Gravel to Castle. Believe it or not, the man that I am right now is quite different than the man that I used to be. People often see only the end result of many sacrificed hours behind closed doors learning, experimenting, and failing. They see the confidence today, but not the hard times that were full of depression, rejection and absolutely no self-worth. 


So, let me tell you my story...


For me the journey started when I was 18 years old. I'm in the living room when I decide to withdraw from college because I realize that I can't afford it. I ended up having a lot of family issues so I got kicked out of my father's house. Flash forward a few months and all of a sudden I am working at a sandwich shop full-time and am sleeping on the floor at my grandparents house every single night. This really sucked, but the worst part was that my girlfriend, the only person I felt that loved me, breaks up with me because she thinks I'm a loser.. So here I am just wasting away my life, feeling like a complete failure. This is when I start telling myself this story that I'm not good enough... That I am a failure... And this is when I decide that I am going to become this little achiever and prove everyone wrong.


So I move to California with just a thousand dollars, I buy a camera, and I get a part-time job at a student housing company as a social media assistant. Well, within just a few months, they fire their 28 year old Marketing Director and hire me, this 19 year old kid, as the full-time marketing guy of this multimillion dollar company. So flash forward a year and here I am driving a luxurious BMW everyday, generating the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and living this life of "corporate world success" at such a young age. Pretty cool, right?


But I get home one day, stare at myself in the mirror, with tears coming out of my eyes, asking myself: 'Is this it?' ... I went from sleeping on the floor to becoming the marketing director of a multimillion dollar company, yet the only feeling I felt was shame. Shame, that as I was achieving this "success," I felt no sense of fulfillment... So I quickly run into my room, open up my laptop and book a one-way ticket to Hawaii. The next day I land in Hawaii, move into a home just steps from a private beach, start my very first business and think to myself: "Yes, become an entrepreneur! Now I'll become fulfilled!" Flash forward a few months: my business is failing, I'm running out of money and I'm now asking myself: "What am I going to do?"


So I get on the phone with one of my entrepreneur friends and he tells me about this place called "The Epic Entrepreneur House" in San Diego, CA. So I'm like, "Okay, I gotta check this out!" So I fly out to San Diego and I meet these successful entrepreneurs that are all changing the world through running each of their businesses, and I end up getting mentored by them. They start teaching me all that they know about business, about being a successful entrepreneur, and what it takes to actually run a company.


Eventually, my business starts to really pick up, and I remember walking down the beach one day.. looking out into the ocean while the sun was setting and I realize that the reason I hadn't felt fulfilled before was because I had a greater calling for my life. And at this moment of realization, I fall to my knees and it's like this million pounds of unworthiness falls off my shoulders. And I start crying. There's tears like Niagara falls, and all of a sudden I realize: "I'm here to help people! I'm here to make a difference in the world!" And so that's when Gravel to Castle really came about, it was me realizing that I'm here to help other people that are in the same position that I used to be in: feeling unworthy, not having the world see them for who they really are, and help them change it all. Help them set the tone for who THEY are in the world, so that they too can use their gifts and talents to better the world in some way. I realized that I'm not necessarily here to do something so grand, but rather I'm here to help others do so, where my calling is to help the individuals that know that have a great calling actually rise up and fulfill that calling.



Gravel to Castle symbolizes the journey to becoming something better. You have gifts and talents that we were given to you to use to serve the world, your business is just the vehicle that allows you to do so. It’s time to help you amplify your impact so that you can create the legacy that you were meant to create.
— Ken Conklin, Founder & CEO

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