We will not only give you an immediate r.o.i. by helping you acquire new clients within the next 48 hours at higher prices, but we will also help you build the foundation for your business that will last for the next 5-15 years.


We help entrepreneurs turn their "hustle" into a predictable, inbound marketing machine that allows them to turn "strangers" into clients at high ticket prices ($2K-$20K+) in under 48 hours. 


We help you simplify your model and create a high ticket offer ($2K-$20K+), we craft your message in a way that communicates high end value, we strategically position you as THE go-to authority, then we launch your brand and create a predictable and repeatable process that turns "strangers" into high paying clients in under 48 hours. Soon after you have a solid clientele, we help you create a leveraged delivery system (productize your offer) so that you can scale up to 7 figures.


Ranging from solo-entrepreneurs and startups to multi-million dollar companies in over 20 different industries, we've most likely worked with someone who has built the business that you dream of building. Our blueprint works for practically any industry, although we prefer working with personality brands (coaches, consultants, experts, etc.).


We believe that growth is achieved when one has a clear strategy on how they will separate themselves in their industry and they execute it. That is where we come in.


MEET our founder, ken conklin

Ken Conklin Business Marketing Consultant

Recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag, and featured in the same book as Richard Branson, Ken Conklin is a highly requested business marketing consultant to clients in 20+ industries. He frequently speaks to live audiences alongside many of today's top thought leaders on various business topics such as marketing, premium positioning, sales, and backend systems. He's been internationally recognized by numerous publications and magazines (recently on the cover of LBD mag) for helping build the brands for some of the biggest names in the influencer / entrepreneurial world. Ken became the marketing director of a multi-million dollar company at just the age of 19, and is currently the founder of Gravel to Castle, a company based in Hollywood Hills, CA, that helps entrepreneurs turn their "hustle" into predictable, inbound marketing machines. Ken prides himself on both the incredible success that his clients have achieved as well as the constant effort he gives to inspire the next generation to pursue the wonderful path of entrepreneurship. 


Believe it or not, the man that he is right now is quite different than the man that he used to be. People often see only the end result of many sacrificed hours behind closed doors learning, experimenting, and failing. They see the confidence today, but not the hard times that were full of depression, rejection and absolutely no self-worth. 


So, let him tell you his story...


My journey began when I was 18 years old. I decided not to go to college because I didn't see how it would lead me to building a successful business (which was a dream of mine), so I withdrew from the four-year university that I was going to go to just two days before I was supposed to attend. I had no clue what the next step was, but I knew that not making the wrong decision was right.

Flash forward a few months, I found myself stuck in life. My girlfriend realized that I wasn't going anywhere in life so she broke up with me in a way that completely tore me apart. My step mom hated me so she convinced my dad to kick me out of the house, only for my dad to soon after discover that she cheated on him for his best friend. I was sleeping on the floor in the loft at my grandparents house every night, which I honestly didn't mind too much, but my grandfather ended up passing away which left the household a very sad environment. 


Do I tell you this to make you feel sympathy for me? No, many have had it much worse then I had. I just want you to understand that I hated my life because I felt like I was at complete rock bottom while everyone my age that I knew were living it up, building the foundations for their careers.

This is when I got angry. This is when I decided that I was going to become this little achiever and prove everyone wrong. I decided to move to California with just a thousand dollars. I bought a camera and started taking photos at the beach of some friends that I met. I quickly developed a valuable skillset that would change my life forever.

A student housing company ended up noticing my work which allowed me to become their marketing director at just the age of 19 years old. They fired their 28 year old marketing director, who was "highly qualified" because of all of his degrees, and hired me, this 19 year old kid, as the full-time marketing director of this multimillion dollar company. Flash forward a year and there I was driving a luxurious BMW everyday, living this life of "corporate world success" at such a young age. Pretty cool, right?

BC past.jpg

Wrong. Working for someone is not the key to happiness - knowing that you are changing the world and living life on your own terms is. I went from sleeping on the floor to becoming the marketing director of a multimillion dollar company, yet the only feeling I felt was shame. Shame, that as I was achieving this "success", I felt no sense of fulfillment... So one day I ran home, packed two bags, booked a one-way ticket to Hawaii, then had a friend drive to LAX to then hop on my flight the next morning. The next day I moved into a house just steps from a private beach, and started my very first business.


After a few months, I realized that I had to get back to civilization. I decided to call one of my entrepreneur friends who told me about this place called "The Epic Entrepreneur House" in San Diego, CA. Instantly I fell in love with the concept, so I flew out to San Diego and I met successful entrepreneurs for the first time in my life. They taught me all that they knew about business and what it took to actually run a company.


Eventually my business really picked up, and my time in San Diego had come to a conclusion. That is when I decided to travel for a while and enjoy being a 21 year old for a little. However, I soon realized that I was not meant to live an ordinary life on any level whatsoever, for I am actually an alien. So I decided to move into a famous rapper's old four-story mansion in Hollywood Hills, CA, while I plot world domination.



To be continued...

Gravel to Castle symbolizes the journey to becoming something better. You have gifts and talents that we were given to you to use to serve the world, your business is just the vehicle that allows you to do so. It’s time to help you amplify your impact so that you can create the legacy that you were meant to create.
— Ken Conklin, Founder

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