We transform 6 & 7 figure businesses into predictable & scalable selling machines by implementing our 7-step proven growth framework.

The Result: mental sanity, increased profits, time leverage, & ultimately more freedom


We've worked with solo-entrepreneurs (neurotic hamsters) who didn’t know how to stop hustling 24/7, to even a company with $100M in real estate who’s owner wanted the freedom to be able to put their time and energy towards other important areas of their life.


We help our students and clients build successful consulting / coaching / service businesses by helping them implement our Proven Growth Framework. The end result: turning their “hustle” into a well-oiled marketing machine. Here’s a video breaking it down from a bird’s eye view:

From humble beginnings, Ken Conklin (our founder) has been able to completely transform his life within the past few years (you can read about his story here). The journey that he's been on has given him the purpose that he now has, which is to help entrepreneurs use their gifts and talents to serve the world on a greater level, giving you the abundance, freedom, impact and fulfillment that they know they deserve. Even though we help our students and clients create predictable marketing machines, that's just the fancy vehicle that we use to get them from where they are now to where they need to go.


 Turning your “hustle” into a predictable marketing machine and acquiring high ticket clients through dialing in the necessary systems certainly allows you to experience the benefits of financial abundance, but it's about more than just that. It’s what let's you know that you are appreciated and valued, allowing you to serve others at the highest level possible. It allows you to deliver your absolute best and fulfill your moral obligation of getting what you have to offer in front of the right people (because people out there currently need whatever it is you have to offer them).

We are a results-driven company that takes a lot of pride in all of the work that we do. Making sure that you have an extremely high R.O.I. is how we ensure long-term success for both companies, so we exclusively work with those who we know we can bring a tremendous amount of value and growth to. We can say with full confidence that every client that we have (& will have) served saw (& will see) a substantial increase in the revenue of their business. Check out some of our recent success stories!

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